The auger or gimlet is a tool used to drill or bore holes by hand, by rotating the wooden handle. Augers were used to drill holes in both timber and soil.

On December 16th, 1829, William Archer recorded that “Ditchfield at intervals of leisure from the Haystack, Drilled 22 ridges on the piece between the Roads”. Then, on December 30th, 1829, he recorded the following: “Drilling: Ditchfield & Alcock an hour in the morning began to sow the Scotch Yellow and after breakfast Woodley & Burrows sowed the piece by the potatoes with the large red turnips. The seed saved by ourselves from five Bulbs had of Josephs”.

In February 1830 convict McIntosh was sent to Willett’s to collect two augers “a 5/8 and an inch”.