Brickendon Longford Tasmania

A rich tapestry of early Tasmanian history is encapsulated at Brickendon.  Immerse yourself in the incredible story of the Archer family, Assigned convicts, Free workers and the beginnings of Australia's pastoral and agricultural industry. 

Brickendon is one of Tasmania's oldest farming properties, settled in 1824 by William Archer, the farm has been continuously operated and lived on by his direct descendents, now in their 7th generation.

In July 2010, Brickendon Estate along with its neighbouring property, Woolmers Estate were listed jointly as a World Heritage Site being part of the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property. 

The two Estates are regarded as the most significant rural estates in Australia having the second largest number of convict workers and still retaining a living history from early European settlement to the present day. 

The stunning rural landscape, magnificent heritage gardens, amazing collection of convict constructed buildings, family history and memorabilia are all to be enjoyed by our visitors and cottage guests. 

If you have any connection with the early history of Australia, be it a convict ancestor, farm worker, tradesman or free settler - Brickendon along with Woolmers will offer you an extraordinary opportunity to discover and connect with your past.

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