Floods, Floods and more Floods!!


What a year, 8 floods over the past 6 months!  The year started with a reasonable summer - not too much to worry about.  But then it started ....... rain, rain and more rain so the dams and lakes filled up and then the rivers were in flood.  The east coast of Tasmania received record rainfalls and most of the run off came down the South Esk river travelling west to Longford and then on to Launceston.   This caused lots of flooding at Longford and on Brickendon.  Then we also had rain in the Midlands which caused the Macquarie River to flood many times.  The levee banks disappeared,  Woolmers Lane disappeared as did the hawthorn hedgerows - all under flood waters.  Work had just finished on our new Brickendon & Woolmers convict farm walk, but unfortunately the fast flowing waters did quite a bit of damage to the new pathway.  The new 40m suspension bridge however was not damaged and the path is soon to be repaired for an opening in later October.