Building Restoration Works


Over the past two years Brickendon has received some much appreciated assistance from both the Federal and State governments to do restoration and preservation works that were considered to be vital for the on going survival of the buildings on the Estate.  

Works that have been carried out include oiling of the timber boards and fixing of the roofs on the Sussex Barns and Pillar Granary, re-pointing of brick work on the cook house and poultry shed, removal of an unsightly concrete ramp and re-instating of a wall of the original draught horse stables.  Stabilisation of the draught horse stables was also carried out along with a conversion of the 1950's dairy to a Convict Interpretation Centre which tells the stories of the convicts of Brickendon.

The Chapel has also received a new shingle roof which included a demonstration day by the shingling crew from Port Arthur Historic Site.  Replacing both the internal and external fencing around the Chapel has now meant the quaint cottage garden is free from the wandering sheep of the Farm Village.