Brickendon &  Woolmers - Convict Farm Walk

The Brickendon and Woolmers Convict Farm walk is a great way to enjoy the fresh air,open spaces and beautiful English landscape. 

Let the convict workers of Brickendon and Woolmers guide you around their world, and introduce you to the life in the 1820's and 1830's.  Wander along the hawthorn lined fences to the jetty where you can read about Bill Bracer and James Gillen, working hard to collect water for the farm and homestead.  Continue along the track to the ditches where William Luck and Aaron Dodd toil all day long digging drains through the wet paddocks.  Keep an eye out for one of Tasmania's delicious trout jumping for a fly or a shy Platypus going about its business.  

To cross the river - the Puntman was on stand by but nowadays a 40m suspension bridge crosses the Macquarie River to Woolmers Estate where you can enjoy a tour of the homestead and collections, visit the vintage car collections, enjoy the perfume of the National Rose Garden and take in a little sustenance at the Servants Restaurant before your return or onwards journey.

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  • Purchase your "TICKET OF LEAVE" pass at either Brickendon or Woolmers reception for entry to both Estates and the Convict Farm Walk.
    • The Convict Farm Walk is approximately 2.8km long with an easy walk taking 50 minutes one way.  
    • If you are a guest at Brickendon, purchase your entry pass to Woolmers Estate at Brickendon reception before you head off.
    • Items you may need - wet weather coat, sun hat, sunscreen, water and closed in shoes.
    • For safety and security the Suspension bridge is closed between the hours of 5pm and 9am year round.
    • Track is suitable for mountain bikes but is not wheel chair accessible.
    • At times the Convict Farm Walk may need to be closed due to flooding in the Macquarie River.

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